Mayfield Open
Cascade Musky Association
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This page was last updated: June 11, 2014

8th Annual Mayfield Open Results

22 muskies caught and released during Washington's largest musky tournament!

Cascade Musky Association again hosted Washington's largest, richest and longest running musky tournament with Mayfield Resort as the host marina. A great partnership. Results as follows:

1st Place:    
Ed Walzer/Matt Sherman - 8 muskies for a total of 314 1/4" 42.5"x22.5", 32"x13", 40.25"x18", 37"x14", 41.25"x20", 40"x19", 39.25"x15" & 39"x18"

2nd Place Ron & Roger Jutte 
 7 muskies for a total of 255 1/2" 34.5"x14", 45"x20", 41.5"x19", 32.5"x14", 32.75"x14", 30.25"x12" & 39"x18.75"

3rd Place Scott & Mick Olsen 
5 muskies for a total of 178 1/2" 44"x19", 34.5"x14", 31"x13" 37"x15" & 32"x12.5"

4th Place Bob & Jennifer Weeks    47"x20.5"

5th Place Chilli Sterner/Ben Lomedico    39.5"x18"

Biggest Musky                                                                                       Bob & Jennifer Weeks - 47"x20.5" 

Dbl Option 1st Place  
Ed Walzer/Matt Sherman - 86.75"  
2nd Place - Ron/Roger Jutte - 86.5" 3rd Place - Scott/Mick Olsen - 81"

Trpl Option 1st Place 
 Ed Walzer/Matt Sherman - 127"  
2nd Place 
Ron/Roger Jutte - 125.5"  
3rd Place 
Scott/Mick Olsen - 115.5"