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Cabela s  received a donation of 7 tiger muskies from Cascade Musky Association in cooporation with the WDFW on May 5th, 2009 (Lower 3 photos).   This summer, all of the tiger muskies were replaced with healthier fish (Top 3 photos).

Another great example of CMA working with the local community and the WDFW here in Washington State to promote our fishery, education and awareness!

Keep checking back to see updates on how the muskies are doing with the transition to their new home.  Pictures will be posted periodically to show growth progress!
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

This year we are pleased to announce we are supporting the 50" minimum rule approved in the summer of 2008 by investing in the signs pictured on the right.

Cascade Musky Association recently purchased 30 new vinyl signs pictured to the right and will purchase an additional 30 signs the following year.

The signs are the result of an idea CMA board member Scott Hughes came up with in the fall of 2007. The signs are placed at every boat launch and marina on each of the seven lakes containing tiger muskies in WA State and will be long into the future.

CMA is very pro-active in maintaining and protecting Washington s tiger musky fishery.

If you see a sign is missing or destroyed, please contact us so we can get it replaced.

CMA promotes 100% CPR
(Catch, Photo, Release)

Just another example of how the money raised by CMA stays right here in the great Pacific Northwest!
Eyes In The Woods


Streamwatch is a program that allows sport clubs the opportunity to take a leadership role in protecting aquatic resources in local areas.  Many stream, lake and saltwater resources suffer damage annually from poaching, litter, trespass, closed season and over limit abuses.  The Crime Observation and Reporting Training (CORT) program developed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Eyes In The Woods (EITW) allows concerned citizens the opportunity to contribute by reporting illegal activities.

The best preventative enforcement tool available in any remote streamside, lake, bay or tide-flat location is the knowledge that any person there may be a trained crime observer and member of Cascade Musky Association, whose sign at the access proclaims their commitment to protecting local resources with WDFW and EITW.

Cascade Musky Association has adopted ALL seven (7) tiger musky stocked lakes in Washington:  Lk Tapps, Mayfield Lk, Merwin Res, Evergreen Res, Newman Lk, Silver Lk and Curlew Lk through Streamwatch.

For questions or more information email
Mark Wells
or check out the website links below.

Eyes in The Woods
You will be seeing these signs posted at access points at all of the lakes listed.

Another way CMA is taking a pro-active roll in protecting the environment.

If you see a sign missing or damaged, please let us know and we will get it replaced
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